I organize and lead photo travel tours. Past destinations have included: Cuba, Czech Republic, Ireland, Italy, Myanmar, Peru, and Spain. These experiences have given me the opportunity to take photographers to inspiring locations where they can put their photo skills to work and capture a sense of place. Cultural exchange is very important to my personal travel philosophy. When I am developing a travel tour, I try to incorporate a variety of activities where both cultures can learn from each other, which in the end, results in a socially responsible and personally rewarding travel experience.
Since 2010, I have led annual group trips to Cuba to engage in activities that brought photographers from both countries together to share ideas and information. Upon our return, we have mounted exhibitions of Cuban and American work. These exhibitions are just one link in the chain that connects American and Cuban photographers, and I hope we'll see more creative collaborations in the future. The Palo Alto Weekly wrote a cover story called "A Changing Cuba: Cuban, Local Photographers Reveal the Heart of the Country," that featured a recent trip and exhibition. Visit the exhibition websites at:
The Cuban Evolution
Cuban at Heart
Cuba in Focus
Cuba: From Inside and Out

Traveling with other photographers can be a rewarding experience since we speak a common language and have similar goals when embarking on this type of journey. If you are interested in receiving information on my next photo tour to Cuba March 21 - April, 4 2015, visit:

"This was an amazing trip and I feel lucky that I got to participate. Professor Ron Herman's enthusiasm, knowledge, and sense of adventure for Cuba enabled us to experience Cuba up close and personal. This is not a tour from a bus, because of Ron's contacts we were in the streets photographing Cuba and its people along with professional Cuban photographers who became our friends. We attended lectures both formal and informal on the arts in Cuba. Ron was up for anything and encouraged us to explore all aspects of Cuba, joining us on forays to Jazz clubs as well as organizing unique side trips to see ballets, artist homes, ethnic dance, music and other parts of Cuba. I could go on and on, it truly was a very unique and wonderful trip!" - Katherine Bazak (Cuba Trip Alumnus, 2011).
"I hesitate to use the phrase "it was the trip of a lifetime." But, traveling with Ron to Cuba, with a small group of photographers in September 2010, was really just such a trip. It was a unique and wonderful opportunity to see and photograph a country that not many of us get to see. Meeting other professional photographers in Havana was a trip highlight." - Corinne DeBra (Cuba Trip Alumnus, 2010)
“Being an American photographer in Cuba was an extraordinary experience on both professional and personal levels.” - John Thacker (Cuba Trip Alumnus, 2010).
"Cuba is a wild and wonderful country to visit and now is the time to go. Having traveled to over a third of the world's countries, many of them developing nations, I can honestly say that Cuba is truly unique. Traveling with Professor Herman was a great experience. As a group leader, Professor Herman deftly handled the challenges of safely shepherding a group through a country as challenging as Cuba was for travelers. As an educator, he made sure that every day was one where we learned something new and unexpected about our host country. As a traveler himself, Professor Herman's curiosity about the culture, history and people of Cuba was infectious. It was a trip that I won't ever forget and I plan to return as soon as possible." - Neeley Main (Cuba Trip Alumnus, 2010 and 2012)
"A life changing trip!" - Laura Oliphant (Cuba Trip Alumnus, 2010)